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# This document provides instructions for setting up an early developer release
# of the Saturnalia time series database and web interface using metrics
# collected by collectd.
# Note that almost all of our testing and development as well as these demo
# instructions are for debian or ubuntu linux. Please let us know if you have
# problems on other platforms.

# Checkout saturnalia source and cd into it:
hg clone saturnalia
cd saturnalia

# Install build dependencies:

# Install collectd:
sudo apt-get install collectd

# If you aren't already using collectd, disable the system instance of it:
sudo service collectd stop
sudo update-rc.d -f collectd remove

# Finally, run this command to configure and start all saturnalia components:
./test-bin/ ./demo 8080 

# (the ./demo directory will be created if it does not exist; the second
# argument is the port is for the web interface; the demo requires four
# more ports which are the subsequent ports after this number.)

# And now point your browser at http://demo:demo@localhost:8080 where the first data will
# be available to view after about a minute.