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Saturnalia is a database for storing time series data. By building a database specifically for storing time series data we're able to achieve high performance, compression, and advanced graphing and visualization features.

Getting Started

Here's how you can grab our source and setup a collectd demo to see your linux system's resource usage:


Aggregate, store, and usefully display metrics.

  • Defining Use Case: Cost should never be a concern when adding a new metric.
  • An Exploratory, Responsive, and Interactive (between users) UI.
  • Scales up to a million distrinct high frequency metrics.
  • Stores a complete history without forgetting anything.
  • Robustness against component failures; crash-only.
  • High Availability

We will also examine these Goals in more detail over time with example use cases.



  • Current features: Database and interactive web user interface.
  • RoadMap defines our short and longer term feature goals.