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Feature Wishlist

Note: Some of these are close to complete or in-progress, but we have not yet organized this brainstorm list:

Many of these are already complete but we should include all popular / desired features.

  • Internal Metrics - Track internal operational stats so that we can eat our own scalability-improving dog food.
  • Annotations - visual notes for events which occur concurrently with the data.
  • AVG,MIN,MAX,SUM aggregate functions across data.
  • stacking of multiple metrics
  • AREA/LINE graphs (related to stack)
  • zoom into a graph within a specific range.
  • shifting time ranges. Same time interval but jump back in time.
  • roles/groups of metrics. These are tags for specific metrics.
  • bounds for metrics (min, max)
  • NaN graphed as a different value (grey).
  • don't show metrics when selecting a role / cluster and that metric isn't on a specific machine.
  • groups for metrics (memcached, mysql)
  • scale to LOTS of metrics.... millions per collector
  • title+description support for smetric so that these strings show in the UI (metadata) Maybe also key value pairs on top of the metrics. Category / tag would be another set of metadata.
  • protocol for receiving metrics in text, json, XML, protocol buffers, etc.
  • dmax as in ganglia so that if a metric is no longer used it ommitted from the UI. This might just be metadata.
  • named values for time ranges (hour, day, week, month, etc).
  • configured graph sizes by name (large, large1, large2, medium, etc).
  • Permalinks - after you zoom into a page, it becomes permalinkable like google maps / google finance (link to this chart).
  • configuration of the number of replicas
  • multiple datacenters
  • multiple datacenter sync on commit