CVDL - Coursera Video Downloader Build Status

CVDL is some kind of a partial ported version of the Python coursera-dl program available here.
Furthermore this little experiment serves as a proof of concept to test the cooperation of different tools.


CVDL is controlled using a command line interface:

Usage: java -jar cvdl.jar [options]

-u <value> | --username <value>
    user- / login name
-p <value> | --password <value>
-c <value> | --class <value>
    name of the attended class
-o <value> | --outputDirectory <value>

-s <value> | --section <value>
    choose certain section

The parameters username, password and class are required. If you do not pass an output directory the videos are
downloaded into the current directory. You might optionally choose to restrict the download to videos of a certain section
by using the section parameter. The given value will matched to the section title. The value must be completely
contained in the section. The current implementation uses an indexOf filter check.


Build status

On branch:

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  • develop: Build Status codecov