FurbyKill 3D
License: GPL
Author: Andre Schnabel

This project was developed using only free software tools (except the launcher). The win32-binaries were compiled using the mingw gcc-based cross compiler.

Start the launcher using: 'java Launcher'!

Simple DirectMedia Layer

Get them from:

Possible parameters:
-h or --help: Lists all parameters
--usage: Small usage information
-f or --fullscreen: Play it in fullscreen
-m mapname: Play a specified map
-l or --low: Low quality mode for slow machines
-n or --nosound: Disable sound

left, right or mouse movement on horizontal axis - rotating left/right
w, s, up, down - moving forward/backward
a, d - stepping left/right
space - open a door
left ctrl or left mouse button - shoot
escape - quit the game
F1 - screenshot

How to run the game:
Go into the 'source' folder and type 'make' to compile it.
If everything worked fine, you can type './furbykill3d' in the root folder of the game in order to run the game.
Please report bugs or problems to my mail adress.

Tested platforms:
Linux (Kubuntu Dapper), Win32

Type 'make clean' to delete object files
Type 'make -f MakefileCross' to cross compile a win32 binary of the game, but don't forget typing 'make clean' before that, so that the linker won't use object files generated by the native compiler.