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Use json fonts

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 			float fscale = 18.0f;
 			/*if (Constants.VScrH == 320)
 				fscale = 12.0f;*/
-			bf = new FontBatch("font.png", "font.fnt",fscale);
+			bf = new FontBatch("font.png", "font.json",fscale);
 			crosshairMesh = Utils.GenQMesh("crosshair", atlas);
 			hudOverlayMesh = Utils.GenQMesh("hudBg", atlas);
 		private const float BgBrightness = 0.1f;
 		private readonly OrthoCamera cam = new OrthoCamera();
 		private readonly Sprite splashSpr = new Sprite(0.0f, 1.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, Globals.ScrW, Globals.ScrH);
-		private FontBatch fb = new FontBatch("font.png","font.fnt");
+		private FontBatch fb = new FontBatch("font.png","font.json");
 		private SpriteBatch sb = new SpriteBatch("splash.png");
 		private bool startGameScheduled;
 		private float vOff = Globals.ScrH;
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