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Issue #102 resolved
Lucas Cantor created an issue


  • macOS 10.14.0
  • Gapplin 1.5.1


After setting up my Mac with a clean install of macOS 10.14.0 I see the following error when trying to add Gapplin's "Convert SVG Images" action to an Automator workflow:

The action "Convert SVG Images" could not be loaded because its executable is not loadable.

Try reinstalling the action.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.07.26 AM.png

Troubleshooting Steps Taken

  • Un-install and re-install Gapplin
  • Disable and re-enable Automator actions from third parties
  • Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.10.52 AM.png

Comments (5)

  1. 1024 repo owner

    I have just fixed this issue regressing the code for the Automator action from Swift to obj-c. This change will be applied in Gapplin 1.5.2, which is planned to be released in the coming few days.

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