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when running the automator action "Convert SVG Images" from inside the "service" menu shortcut (basically triggering the automator action manually) it works perfectly fine.

When I want to use the same automator action as a folder action attached to a folder (in order to automatically convert svg files as soon as a new file is being added to the folder), the folder action is not running. No error messages are given.

attached is a screenshot of the folder action.

I'm running gapplin 1.5.3.. The automator action states 1.5.1.


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  1. 1024 repo owner
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    Thank you for the report. I reproduced your issue, and am now trying to fix. Although I haven't found the cause so far.

  2. 1024 repo owner

    Hi dude. I believe this issue occurs because not of Gapplin but of macOS system. Have you succeeded in performing the folder action without Gapplin action? If not, Gapplin has nothing to do to solve it.

    I have still not succeeded in performing a simple folder action (without Gapplin) under my environment; therefore, I cannot advise you how to solve it. The folder action feature is obviously super buggy in the latest macOS. I found lots of online discussions about it, and everybody struggles with it 😩

  3. Ronny Friedrich

    Sorry for my late reply. Hm,... look at this... your are right. Even a simpler folder action doesn't work. However, when I remove the "gapplin" action from my folder action (basically just dublicating the files I need to convert (see screenshot)), the little gear-icon appears showing that automator is running. It doesn't do anything though.

    When adding gapplin to the folder action the gear-icon does not appear.

    Not sure what that means. THANKS

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