having unexpected no-PDF output with applescript call to Convert SVG Images in new 1.6.0 Gapplin

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John Owens created an issue

First, Gapplin makes the nicest looking SVG that I've seen, and I really appreciate having support for command-line conversion to PDF via AppleScript.

That being said, I happily used this feature in previous versions and now it doesn't work as I expected. It just doesn't produce a PDF any more. (It doesn't appear to make output files in other formats, either, tried that too.)

I am calling it via python as:

check_call ['open', '-n', '-a', 'svg2pdf', '/Users/jowens/Documents/working/owensgroup/proj/gpustats/plots/Arithmetic Intensity vs. Memory Bandwidth.svg']

I hardwired it in Automator to take one particular input file. I run it but it produces no output and that amount of time to "Convert SVG images" makes me nervous (it's way small on a 157 kB SVG input). Screenshot below.

Can I help debug this in any way?


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  1. Justin Dolezy

    I'm having this problem also. Looks like the Automator integration is broken in v1.6. I managed to convert via Automator fine last time I used it on 20th Dec so that must have been v1.5.

  2. John Owens reporter

    Is there any way to revert back to 1.5? I'm using the App store, but can build if necessary. I need this functionality.

  3. Nathan Sturtevant

    I'm having the same issue! This software has been great - I hope there will be a fix soon.

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