having unexpected no-PDF output with applescript call to Convert SVG Images in new 1.6.0 Gapplin

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John Owens
created an issue

First, Gapplin makes the nicest looking SVG that I've seen, and I really appreciate having support for command-line conversion to PDF via AppleScript.

That being said, I happily used this feature in previous versions and now it doesn't work as I expected. It just doesn't produce a PDF any more. (It doesn't appear to make output files in other formats, either, tried that too.)

I am calling it via python as:

check_call ['open', '-n', '-a', 'svg2pdf', '/Users/jowens/Documents/working/owensgroup/proj/gpustats/plots/Arithmetic Intensity vs. Memory Bandwidth.svg']

I hardwired it in Automator to take one particular input file. I run it but it produces no output and that amount of time to "Convert SVG images" makes me nervous (it's way small on a 157 kB SVG input). Screenshot below.

Can I help debug this in any way?


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  1. Justin Dolezy

    I'm having this problem also. Looks like the Automator integration is broken in v1.6. I managed to convert via Automator fine last time I used it on 20th Dec so that must have been v1.5.

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