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Issue #52 open
Jacob Payne created an issue

Unfortunately adding rich media animation ( such as gifs ) today to a pdf presentation is such a hassle that most people are stuck with using bloated powerpoint or adobe.

If Gapplin would allow to open a file of svg's into an ordered slideshow, i would personally love to use it as a hyper-flexible presentation tool.

ありがとうございます! :)

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  1. 1024 repo owner

    Sorry but currently I don't have plan to implement such a slideshow feature. May be someday in the feature, but not now. I have other high priority tasks for Gapplin.

    An alternative suggestion I can give is, to use Finder's QuickLook. You can select multiple SVG files and perform QuickLook. I know Gapplin's QuickLook is not for every SVG files because of the bug #40. But it may help you.

  2. Jacob Payne reporter

    Would it be possible to simply add a way to switch between files in a folder? Thats basically all that is needed - nothing fancy - no animations or timer. Just a left and right button.

    Unfortunately QL is fussy with svg (even though it uses webkit to render) it does render it if i change it to .html, but then the svg gets sandwiched between the whitespace.

    Looking anywhere else i have literally found nothing that views animated svg's and as well as multiple file switching. For ex:

    • Xee views multiple files but can't view svg's
    • QL can view svg and switch but does not render them (if there is a gif in the background)

    • Safari cannot file switch and has no addons.

    • Chrome cannot file switch and has no addons.

    • Firefox cannot file switch and has one slideshow addon... that doesn't not render svg's ╯°□°)╯┻━┻.

    • Opera cannot file switch and has no addons.

    • Adobe SVG is literally so old it doesn't run.

    • Google Slide will work with gifs ...and you can put text over them, but you can't import svg's or add custom fonts like in Illustrator.

    Gapplin would basically blow every single contender with even a basic file switching button. If you would do this, i'd love to pay 5$ for one.

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