QuickLook of white pure SVGs

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Issue #59 open
Kevin Barry created an issue

Currently white SVGs can't be seen as the background frame is white as well as the content. By default the system handles this slightly better with pure white bitmaps, in that it keeps the grey window background rather than adding a white frame. However ideally this would be handled the same way the main Gapplin app handles it with a dark background for white SVGs.

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  1. 1024 repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I've tried before to resolve this issue, however it's unfortunately impossible to let kind a vector image have a transparent background on QuickkLook.

    Nevertheless, it's better to modify background color if the image is completely white. I'll try improving it.

  2. Pratyush Tewari

    Will this fix also fix the same issue with the preview pane in finder or just the quicklook?

  3. zeroeth

    Having this use the auto dark/light mode (or behave how transparent pngs work) would create a magical world for those of us with white svg assets <3

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