Add background options for Quicklook

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A feature request by @F1LT3R on issue #72.

add preferences options to change quicklook/finder-preview background?:

  • Color
  • Transparency
  • Background Image

This would make scanning through SVGs in Finder/Cover-Flow a very nice user experience.

At present, when there is a white SVG on a white background, nothing is seen in Finder. I encounter this a lot when making white icons that are placed on darker buttons to build scalable user-interfaces.

It would be nice if we could set a semi-transparent background with a repeating image like this:

3422382237-Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.13.49 PM.png

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  1. Vibin Reddy

    Anything on this yet? Dark mode in quicklook is pretty much the only feature I was looking for in a SVG viewer. Both Sublime Text/Sketch don't support it.

    Please make this happen!

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