[Regression] Gapplin 1.3.1 (275) fails to open windows on macOS Sierra and High Sierra

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Issue #94 resolved
Andrew Fan created an issue

On macOS Sierra, the most recent version of Gapplin, 1.3.1 (275), fails to open windows. Dragging an SVG to the icon fails and opening a SVG file using File - Open also fails, rendering the entire application unusable. At this time it is not possible to open any files using the program.

Quitting and restarting the application does not fix the problem. Rebooting the computer does not fix the problem.

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  1. Andrew Fan reporter

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Going into Library and manually purging the Saved Application States, Caches, etc. seems to have fixed the issue. Now able to use the application again after 4 months.

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