Feature Request: Allow users to download previous versions of the application (on the App Store or on the website)

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Issue #96 wontfix
Andrew Fan created an issue

Currently, 1.3.1 is broken on macOS Sierra and there has been no news of a potential fix for this regression in months.

The best open-source alternative to Gapplin for exporting SVG to PDF, CairoSVG, does not support many of the features supported by Gapplin and produces PDF documents with a file size significantly larger than that produced by Gapplin. Inkscape, the next best option, is made primarily for Linux and requires an unfortunate amount of effort to utilize effectively on macOS.

This is a request to provide downloads for previous versions of the application so that we can revert to a working version of the application.

Thank you very much.

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  1. 1024 repo owner

    Although I understand your demand, I would like to keep this project small and closed because Gapplin is a free software developed in my spare time. I'm already organizing a large OSS project CotEditor and investigating more time not to application development itself but to application management is too much for me. Sorry.

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