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Issue #99 resolved
Former user created an issue

Hello! Your program is pretty cool, great job! It's really saving a lot of my time every day. But there are some issues after the last update. They are not so terrible as annoying.

  1. Width and Height (W, H) values in are incorrect. In fact only the H option is incorrect, it just duplicates the W option.

  2. After the opening window size is smaller then the file preview even if image scale is 100% and no need to fit viewport.

You can see all this issues on the applied screenshot. Also there is a source svg file if needed. But the problem is with all svg files.

P.S. This is actual for 1.4.0 version, but I can't choose it from the Version dropbox (just in Milestone).

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  1. 1024 repo owner

    Thank you for the report and sorry for my late reply. This issue might be fixed in Gapplin 1.5.0. Please report again if it still exists in the current version (1.5.1).

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