Moises Henriquez avatar Moises Henriquez committed 6970cb7

Added database sanity check and began working on preferences dialog

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         package_dir={'vpackager': 'src/vpackager'},
         package_data={'vpackager': ['data/*']},
         requires =['psutil'],
-        install_requires=['psutil',
-            'sqlite3'
-            ],
+        install_requires=['psutil'],


     def __init__(self, dbase_model):
         gtk.Window.__init__(self, gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
         self.dbase_model = dbase_model
+        self.CheckDatabase()
         self.body = gtk.VBox()
         datadir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
         datadir = os.path.join(datadir, 'data')
+    def CheckDatabase(self):
+        """ Run a sanity check and make sure the databse tables exist"""
+        if self.dbase_model.verify_tables() is True:
+            return self.dbase_model.CreateTables()
     def _get_menubar(self):
         mb = gtk.MenuBar()
         filemenu = gtk.Menu()


             return True
     def DeleteJob(self, job_id):
         """ Removes job_id from the job queue"""
         db, cursor = self._open()


 __author_email__ = 'moc.liamg@xnl.E0M'[::-1]
 __version__ = '0.1'
+class PrefsDialog(gtk.Dialog):
+    """vpackager preferences dialog."""
+    def __init__(self, parent=None):
+        gtk.Dialog.__init__(self, parent=parent)
+        self.body = self.get_content_area()
+        self.set_has_separator(True)
+        self.add_button(gtk.STOCK_OK, gtk.RESPONSE_OK)
+        self.add_button(gtk.STOCK_CLOSE, gtk.RESPONSE_CANCEL)
 class LogDisplay(gtk.Dialog):
     """ Dialog used to display the build log"""
     def __init__(self, logpath, parent, title='Build Log'):
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