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Moises Henriquez  committed 81baea7

Delayed source type detection until after the job starts. This keeps the GUI from lagging when adding large jobs to the queue

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File src/vpackager/bot.py

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         self.parent = parent
     def _get_next_job(self):
+        ''' Get the next job in line from the database '''
         return dbutils.GetNextJob()
-        db = sqlite3.connect('/tmp/vpackager.db')
-        c = db.cursor()
-        c.execute('select * from queue')
-        ret = c.next()
-        c.close()
-        return ret
     def _log_job_start(self, _id):
+        ''' Log the job start to the database history'''
         return dbutils.LogJobStart(_id)
     def _log_job_end(self, _id, stdoutpath, result):
+        ''' Log the job end to the database history'''
         return dbutils.LogJobEnd(_id, stdoutpath, result)
     def _refresh_views(self):
+        ''' Refresh the screens that show the database status '''

File src/vpackager/buildutils.py

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                 _sources_home, self.app,
                 'package_%s-%s'% (self.app, self.ver))
         self.__dump = []
-        self.builder = self.FindSourceType()
+        #self.builder = self.FindSourceType()
     def install_pkg(self):
         fullpath = glob.glob(os.path.join(
         ### The only diff from using this vs sbbuilder itself is that
         ### This app can guess what type of slackbuild needs to be
         ### created for the app to build.
+        if not self.builder:
+            self.builder = self.FindSourceType()
         """ Internal method to collect a list of the contents of the tarball"""
-    def FindSourceType(self):
+    def _FindSourceType(self):
         """ Determine what type of slackbuild we need to generate for this
         application to build."""
         cmd = 'tar -tf %s'% self.path
         elif 'autogen.sh' in self.__dump:
             self.builder = 'default'
         elif 'Makefile' in self.__dump:
-            self.builder = 'default'
+            #FIXME: sbbuilder needs to accomodate sources with Makefile only
+            self.builder = '--noconfig'
         elif 'CMakeLists.txt' in self.__dump:
             self.builder = 'cmake'
         elif 'setup.py' in self.__dump: