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 <p>This page summarizes the changes between tagged releases of Go.
 For full details, see the <a href="">Mercurial change log</a>.</p>
+<h3 id="2010-09-29">2010-09-29</h3>
+This release includes some minor language changes and some significant package
+changes. You may need to change your code if you use ...T parameters or the
+http package.
+The semantics and syntax of forwarding ...T parameters have changed.
+        func message(f string, s ...interface{}) { fmt.Printf(f, s) }
+Here, s has type []interface{} and contains the parameters passed to message.
+Before this language change, the compiler recognized when a function call
+passed a ... parameter to another ... parameter of the same type, and just
+passed it as though it was a list of arguments.  But this meant that you
+couldn't control whether to pass the slice as a single argument and you
+couldn't pass a regular slice as a ... parameter, which can be handy.  This
+change gives you that control at the cost of a few characters in the call.
+If you want the promotion to ...,  append ... to the argument:
+        func message(f string, s ...interface{}) { fmt.Printf(f, s...) }
+Without the ..., s would be passed to Printf as a single argument of type
+[]interface{}.  The bad news is you might need to fix up some of your code, 
+but the compiler will detect the situation and warn you.
+Also, the http.Handler and http.HandlerFunc types have changed. Where http
+handler functions previously accepted an *http.Conn, they now take an interface
+type http.ResponseWriter. ResponseWriter implements the same methods as *Conn,
+so in most cases the only change required will be changing the type signature
+of your handler function's first parameter. See:
+The utf8 package has a new type, String, that provides efficient indexing 
+into utf8 strings by rune (previously an expensive conversion to []int 
+was required). See:
+The compiler will now automatically insert a semicolon at the end of a file if
+one is not found. This effect of this is that Go source files are no longer
+required to have a trailing newline.
+Other changes:
+* 6prof: more accurate usage message.
+* archive/zip: new package for reading Zip files.
+* arm: fix code generation, 10 more package tests pass.
+* asn1: make interface consistent with json.
+* bufio.UnreadRune: fix bug at EOF.
+* build: clear custom variables like GREP_OPTIONS,
+        silence warnings generated by ubuntu gcc,
+        use full path when compiling libraries.
+* bytes, strings: change lastIndexFunc to use DecodeLastRune (thanks Roger Peppe).
+* doc: add to and consolidate non-english doc references,
+        consolidate FAQs into a single file, go_faq.html,
+        updates for new http interface.
+* fmt/Printf: document and tweak error messages produced for bad formats.
+* gc: allow select case expr = <-c,
+        eliminate duplicates in method table,
+        fix reflect table method receiver,
+        improve error message for x \= 0.
+* go/scanner: treat EOF like a newline for purposes of semicolon insertion.
+* gofmt: stability improvements.
+* gotest: leave _testmain.go for "make clean" to clean up.
+* http: correct escaping of different parts of URL,
+        support HTTP/1.0 Keep-Alive.
+* json: do not write to unexported fields.
+* libcgo: don't build for NaCl,
+        set g, m in thread local storage for windows 386 (thanks Wei Guangjing).
+* math: Fix off-by-one error in Ilogb and Logb.  (thanks Charles L. Dorian).
+* misc/dashboard/builder: remove build files after benchmarking.
+* nacl: update instructions for new SDK.
+* net: enable v4-over-v6 on ip sockets,
+        fix crash in DialIP.
+* os: check for valid arguments in windows Readdir (thanks Peter Mundy).
+* runtime: add mmap of null page just in case,
+        correct stats in SysFree,
+        fix unwindstack crash.
+* syscall: add IPPROTO_IPV6 and IPV6_V6ONLY const to fix nacl and windows build,
+        add inotify on Linux (thanks Balazs Lecz),
+        fix socketpair in syscall_bsd,
+        fix windows value of IPV6_V6ONLY (thanks Alex Brainman),
+        implement windows version of Utimes (thanks Alex Brainman),
+        make work for nacl.
+* test: Add test that causes incorrect error from gccgo.
+* utf8: add DecodeLastRune and DecodeLastRuneInString (thanks Roger Peppe).
+* xml: Allow entities inside CDATA tags (thanks Dan Sinclair).
 <h3 id="2010-09-22">2010-09-22</h3>