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 This is another attempt to build MDA (Model Driven Application) framework.
 The main language is M (MUMPS) provided by FIS gt.m application.
-And the main UI is web-based.
+And the primary UI is web-based.
-In cgi mode Hello world sample program is up to 3 times slower when running on M than PHP(look inside pre-tests folder).
-Due to this fact the only way is to use FastCGI interface.


+Results for ab -n 1000 localhost
+		      Req per sec
+		-c 10		-c 1
+Bash		  221		 265
+php		   64		  66
+M		   19		  20
+Python		   16		  16


-#sudo -n -H -E -u monster /home/monster/mhello
 export HOME=/home/monster
-. /home/monster/gtm_start
+export gtm_chset="UTF-8"
+export gtm_icu_version="4.4"
+. /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V5.4-002B_x86_64/gtmprofile
 mumps -run mhello


+export HOME=/home/monster
+export gtm_chset="UTF-8"
+export gtm_icu_version="4.4"
+. /usr/lib/fis-gtm/V5.4-002B_x86_64/gtmprofile
+set >/tmp/env_vars
+#mumps -run start^fastcgi()
+mumps -run mhello