Quick summary

  • A program that lets one import customers from a .csv file to a Jetshop Commerce store (68.1)
  • Log files are stored in C:\temp

How do I get set up?

Summary of set up


The fields can differ from file to file and either file must be changed to match order in ConvertToCustomers() method or the method needs to be edited.


  • Internet connection
  • A store with Jetshop 3.0 Webservice enabled (credentials)
  • A proper .csv file

Who do I talk to?

Daniel Müller

Other stuff

  • Store needs minimum of 1 customer to properly set CustomerID
  • tbl_customers might have to be re-seeded, ie there is one customer with id 1000. Then DBCC CHECKIDENT ('tbl_customers',RESEED,1000) is needed before import
  • If import is messed up:

    DELETE FROM tbl_Customers WHERE CustomerID > X

    DELETE FROM tbl_Addresses WHERE CustomerID > X

    DELETE FROM tbl_CustomersInCustomerGroups WHERE CustomerID > X

    DELETE FROM tbl_CustomersInPriceLists WHERE CustomerID > X

    And X is customerid where it all went wrong