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Minutes Webex 14 March 2014, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. Thomas Watteyne

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Diego Dujovne
  2. Dominique Barthel
  3. Giuseppe Piro
  4. Kazushi Muraoka
  5. Maria Rita Palattella
  6. Nicola Accettura
  7. Pascal Thubert
  8. Pouria Zand
  9. Qin Wang
  10. Raghuram Sudhaakar
  11. Sedat Gormus
  12. Steve Simlo
  13. Thomas Watteyne
  14. Xavi Vilajosana




  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • IETF89 London [20min]
    • plugfest
      • overview
      • lessons learnt
      • talk about plugfest in Toronto
    • WG meeting
      • overview
      • lessons learnt
      • call for adoption of draft-wang-6tisch-6top-interface
    • ND (in)efficiency on WiFi
      • talks at 6MAN and v6Ops
      • relation with 6BBR
    • Admin
      • Minutes
      • Summary
  • State of the WG and WG documents [10min]
  • Next steps [25min]
    • Integrating 6LoWPAN ND and RPL
      • role of RA vs. DIO
      • support of non-RPL leaf
      • end-to-end registration and proxy
    • Resolving dependencies
      • 6MAN (ARO option, flow label)
      • ROLL (cleanup flow)
      • 6lo (changes in 6LoWPAN ND)
  • AOB [1min]


  • [08.05] Meeting starts [Thomas]
    • first meeting after IETF89 London
    • Let's take this call and next call to discuss the steps between now and next IETF in particular changes in 6LoWPAN RPL etc.
  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda

      No issues raised. Agenda approved.

    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes approved.

  • IETF89 London [20min]
    • plugfest
      • overview
        • 32 participants in the plugfest
        • 20 implementers
        • 6 different implementations
        • Commercial and open-source
        • 6TiSCH-related things in various platforms
        • Pascal mentions that the plugfest had the Chief technologist and chairman of the ZigBee Alliance and also Pat Kinney who is chair of 15.4.
      • lessons learnt
        • Make minimal draft more flexible?
      • talk about plugfest in Toronto
        • Question has been raised, we need to decide.
    • WG meeting
      • overview
        • Milestones are presented. Next week we will have adopted 6top interface and CoAP draft.
        • [Raghuram] Pouria and Raghuram went through the CoAP draft and are analysing/identifying what needs to be changed to be aligned to 6top draft. Changes are very minor.

          Action item: Raghuram and Pouria to publish new version of the draft and call for adoption 2 weeks from now.

        • [Thomas] we need a little time so everybody reads it and decides about its adoption.
        • The YANG model is the generic description of payloads, the CoAP draft is an implementation of the YANG model,
        • The draft is a method to integrate the yang model using CBOR payloads
        • [Thomas] At CORE WG meeting a week ago, a mail was sent to point out various management methods using CoAP (COMAN). Nothing really new there but we have to check.
        • [Raghuram] Yes, saw e-mail, will take a look.
        • discussion about security
        • plugfest presentation
        • feedback on the microphones on the security side
      • call for adoption of draft-wang-6tisch-6top-interface
        • open until 03/20/2014
    • Admin
    • Next steps
      • 6top interface
        • verification of YANG model; requires YANG people to validate
        • Interface verification: to make sure the interface is enough to handle management of 6TiSCH
        • [Pascal] as for the sublayer draft, it is a good opportunity to interact with the IEEE group. Collaboration will be beneficial. Ability to have an IE reserved for IETF.
      • OTF draft.
        • Integration with 6top interface. Analysis and implementation are required.
        • complex part is the interface to 6top
        • Xavi proposes to have a list of OTF/6top mappings for the next call so we can identify missing functionalities.

          Action item: Diego and OTF team to prepare a list of OTF/6top mappings for the next call so we can identify missing functionalities.

      • define a security architecture draft
      • Integrate 6LoWPAN ND and RPL
        • As demonstrated in the plugfest with the integration of SmartMeshIP network from Dust Networks and a Cisco switch
  • ND in-efficiency in WiFi (Pascal)
    • Pascal presents the use of ND integrated to the LLN backbone.
    • Multicast on WiFi wastes resources
    • Wake up hosts unnecessarily
    • Packets are sent at the lowest speed
    • 6man and v6ops address similar problems
    • identifies the main points to be addressed on other working groups such as 6lo, 6man etc.
  • AOB [1min]

    No other business raised.

  • [09.16] Meeting ends