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meetings / 140613_webex_6top

Minutes Webex 13 June, 6top call 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PDT.




  • review the aspects of CoAP-WrapperIE solution [15min]
  • discuss how these aspects are associated with existing drafts [15min]
  • discuss how to present the solution [20min]

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Thomas Watteyne

Attendance (alphabetically)

  1. Pascal Thubert
  2. Pouria Zand
  3. Qin Wang
  4. Thomas Watteyne
  5. Xavi Vilajosana

Action items

  • Thomas To create repo for WrapperIE draft.


  • [07.05] meeting starts
  • presents the agenda
    • we need to reduce the size of URI path, especially when using block transfer, if we want to use 64B blocks
  • [Thomas] The CoAP URI strings are too long. What's the max length for a 64B block to fit in single frame
  • [Qin] CoAP URI elements should be 2 characters llong each
  • [Xavi] idea: we could make the "/6t" prefix of the URI implicit when using WrapperIE
  • [Thomas] Sounds good. Consensus

    Rough consensus on the call.

  • [Qin] We agree to use MAC layer ACK and 6top layer data packet as an ACK.
    • 6top requires an explicit ACK. If not we do cross-layering.
  • [Qin] CoAP Observe is an option
  • [Qin] 6top sublayer will include a CoAP parser and formatter.
  • [Thomas] Logically, the 6top-layer CoAP and l7 CoAP as completely independent. Yet, in an implementation the same parsing/formatting functions can (should?) be used. This is an (important) implementation consideration.
  • [Qin] How do we sort drafts?

    Consensus on the call is to create a working draft to be presented at IETF90, which will then will be merged into 6top drafts if feedback is good.

  • [Qin] I can hande the new WrapperIE draft.

    Action item: Thomas To create repo for WrapperIE draft.