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Minutes 6TiSCH Security conf call, Wed January 27, 2015, 9-10am EST

  • note taker: Rene Struik
  • recording: not available (Michael Richardson had control, but was not on the call)
  • discussion material (referenced in minutes): this time, no posted collatoral


  1. Tero Kivinen
  2. Yoshi Ohba
  3. Rene Struik


The suggested updated agenda was approved.

Suggested agenda:
1. administrativia {agenda bashing/minutes}
1. prep for IETF-92 in Dallas
1. AOB


The minutes of the previous 6TiSCH security conference call (Thu January 22, 2015) were approved.

Prep for IETF-92 in Dallas {more of a 6tisch security various "varia" discussion really}

  • YO asked what happened with the output of the join process overview text discussed during last week's call. RS mentioned that Pascal Thubert included this in the 6tisch architecture draft (Section 13 - Security Considerations) and would issue draft-ietf-6tisch-architecture-05 for WGLC some time this week.
  • RS mentioned that at the IETF-92 meeting in Dallas in March, the 6tisch group would presumably recharter and include more security-related milestones into the revised charter. He thought it would be useful to have a 6tisch security draft by that meeting that could serve as baseline.
  • TK provided some more insight into the 802.15.4rev effort. He suggested that there would be 1-2 more letter ballots, followed by the start of sponsor ballot around end of March 2015, with anticipated conclusion of the work around July-August this year. RS commented that this schedule seemed quite aggressive, considering historical timelines of IEEE 802.15 efforts. TK mentioned that according to Bob Heile (Chair IEEE 802.15) the 802.15rev draft would only be available in the 802.15 private member area or to those people participating in person in an actual IEEE 802 meeting. Therefore, it does not seem possible to make a draft available to interested parties in the 6tisch community who did not meet those criteria (as previously suggested).


  • RS suggested to cancel the 6tisch security call of next week and reconvene two weeks from now, which was agreed upon. Next call will take place Tue Feb 10, 2015, 4.30pm EST.
  • RS mentioned he had received feedback from Kris Pister and Yoshi Ohba on draft-struik-6tisch-security-architectural-considerations-01 (posted January 9, 2015). Before updating the draft, he would like to see more people give this a look. He invited people to use the now cancelled slot of next week's call to review this draft...

[call ended @9.23am EST]