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Minutes, 19 June 2015 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PST.

Connection details


Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavi Vilajosana
  2. Thomas Watteyne
  3. Pascal Thubert

Action Items

  • Pat Kinney to submit minimal 09 to 802.15.4 IG for review, in particular the examples
  • Pascal to add info in te shepherd writeup to describe that process

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Thomas Watteyne
  2. Pascal Thubert
  3. A. Paventhan
  4. Chonggang Wang
  5. Giuseppe Piro
  6. Guillaume Gaillard
  7. Malisa Vucinic
  8. Maria-Rita Palattella
  9. Nicola Accettura
  10. Pat Kinney
  11. Patrick Wetterwald
  12. Qin Wang
  13. Savio Sciancalepore
  14. Sedat Gormus
  15. Tengfei Chang
  16. Xavi Vilajosana
  17. Zhuo Chen


  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • plugtest and hackathon update [4min]
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal status update [3min]
  • ML updates [10min]
  • progress on draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-interface [30min]
  • AOB [1min]


  • [07.??] Meeting starts
    • poipoi
  • [07.??] Administrivia
    • Approval agenda

      No issues raised. Agenda approved.

    • Approval minutes last call

      No issues raised. Minutes of the last call approved.

  • [07.??] Next IETF meeting, summary of actions
    • requesting to schedule the meeting at the beginning the week
    • wrap up for 6top interface draft.
    • do the same with the coap draft.
    • have a call during the next week dedicated to the coap draft.
  • [07.??] plugtest and hackathon update
  • test description specs published v1
  • it can be udapted during the following weeks.
  • 11 companies/institutions registered for the interop event
  • Next monday golden devices will be shiped to participants
  • another call at the beginning of July.
  • 1 month left for the event
  • Golden devices distributed as reference implementation based on open WSN
  • based on openmote cc2538
  • golden images already in the wiki
  • 1 h to present and then little islands. 4 different technologies being listed
  • informal, open, registration but no checking.
  • technology anything 6tisch related.

  • [07.??] draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal status update

    • published v9 last week
    • minor correctiosn
    • discussion if we should submit to IESG
    • XAVI: maybe wait to the plugtest outcome as it will help to detect little nits on the examples and other details from 15.4e
    • PASCAL: recommends to push the button and then with the comments and during the review include the changes derived from plugtest
    • THOMAS: we want to avoid having to republish RFC in case a bit is wrong.
    • PASCAL: asks Pat Kinney to move the minimal document through the 15.4e interest group so we get feedback from it

    • PAT agrees.

  • [07.??] ML updates

    • 6top get remote routing information

    • 6top will be augmented with minimal and generic routing information

    • ROLL will develop a more sophisticated model later.

    • TX power control from the YANG model

    • overall tx power setting to a node


    • PAT: likes the concept. But in 15.4 is not defined as a controllable attribute. 15.4 does not have any way to set the TX power in a standardized way.

    • TW: would we break the std if we add this?

    • PAT: no but you will be out of specs

    Proposes to circulate the requirement to the 15.4 WG so it gets in when the amendments are released.

    • two ways to do this. e.g indicate the power and indicate that power is too low or too high so reduce it.

    • ACTION: to ask Anan to contact Pat to ask to consider the proposed requirement.

    DIscussion in the ML about IE termination fields.

    • PAT: sent an email indicating a document with an IE table guide. There is an explanation on how to use the IE and the termination IEs.


  • [07.38] progress on draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-interface

    • dedicated call on Monday
    • discussed interface draft. What we miss and what we should do to get to the next version published before cutoff date
    • three issues:
      • how to version
      • if we want to change the interface how to version it. security
      • security is beyond the 6top interface scope. We consider to keep 6top simple and provide the minimal security capabilities to setup the minimal draft K2.
    • next steps
      • remove commands sections and editorial changes.
    • open questions:
      • need to discuss how to specify if attributes are read or write
      • more consistent naming
      • setting multiple resources with a single request.
    • With COMI we still need to contact multiple times the resource if more than 1 property needs to be set.
  • Next Call 3rd July

  • IETF final agenda published then
  • Draft cutoff date 6th?

  • [08.48] AOB *No other B.

  • [08.??] Meeting ends