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Minutes, 02 October 2015, ad-hoc meeting OTF


  • Qin Wang
  • Thomas Watteyne
  • Maria Rita Palattella
  • Xavi Vilajosana
  • Diego Dujovne

multiple slotframes

  • multiple slotframes?
    • 2 slotframe
      • 1 short for minimal (and joining)
      • 1 long for slotframe alocation using OTF
  • make sure priority is right
  • avoid the first
  • options for handling cells in two slotframes:
    • high/low priority on two slotframes. how is high/low?
    • prevent use of slot 0 in OTF slotframe
    • prevent use of all minimal slots in OTF slotframe\
      • [Qin] difficult?
      • [Thomas] we are at 6top, we can.
      • [Xavi] as a rule for enforcing, maybe cannot put soft cell on top of hard cell?

OTF protocol

  • coap ie has advantage of common interface for PCE and Distributed
  • coap ie relies in COMI which is slow.
  • for security is COSE which is slow too
  • Size of the packets is big. e.g 10 pkts to describe the schedule
  • Are these IEs header or payload IE? PAyload because we can encrypt


sub -IE 
Type (short)

[4b] version
[4b] command field
    . enum for command and Response Code
        . [0] reserved
        . [1] add
        . [2] delete
        . [3] command received successfully
        . [4] system failure

    num cells to allocate is inferred from sub IE lenght as each cell to allocate 
    num of cells from the subset below to be allocated.
    list of cells (slotframeid,slot.offset (2B),ch.offset(2B)

the answer is:
      sub -IE 
      Type (short)
        . [1B] Response Code (from the same enum)
        . [n*4B] slotOffset+ChannelOffset


  • at layer, since header IE, secured trough L2 mechanism
  • CCM * at app level? over UDP. very light weight.
  • 15.9 provides a containedr for KMP protocols. Does not define any specific KMP. Some proposals on the table EAP, etc... Big overhead. (10-12 packets)
  • Only requirement we want to address is K2 to be dynamic.


out of time