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Minutes, IETF 95 6TiSCH WG Meeting

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Agenda and Meeting information

Meeting        :   IETF95 Monday, April 4, 2016 (ART)
Time           :   14:00-15:30 Monday Afternoon session I (90min)
Location       :   Room Buen Ayre B, Hilton Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chairs         :   Pascal Thubert <>
                   Thomas Watteyne <>
Responsible AD :   Brian Haberman
URLs           :

Intro and Status                                 [5min]  (Chairs)

   Note-Well, Blue Sheets, Scribes, Agenda Bashing

New charter and status docs                      [20min] (Chairs)
   * Status Documents
   * Status 6lo / ROLL
   * New Charter
   * Milestones
   * Action Plan

   * Announcement ETSI 6TiSCH #2 Plugtests       [7min]  (Miguel Angel Reina Ortega)
   * Announcement ETSI 6TiSCH #3 Plugtests       [3min]  (Miguel Angel Reina Ortega)

Dynamic Scheduling
   * <draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol-00>        [15min] (Xavier Vilajosana)
   * <draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0-01>          [15min] (Diego Dujovne)
   * call for WG adoption

   * status of the work and action plan          [10min] (Michael Richardson)

Unchartered items, time permitting
   * <draft-satish-6tisch-aodv-rpl-00>           [10min] (Satish Anamalamudi)

Any Other Business                               [2min]  (Chairs)



  • The 6TiSCH WG met on Monday 2PM local time for a 90 minutes slot. The meeting met its expected duration and all agenda items were covered.

  • An additional agenda item was added, for Tero Kivinen to describe draft-kivinen-802-15-ie, which is a document of a cross WG interest and which should be published as AD sponsored. This item was presented first to allow Tero to manage a collision in his agenda. 6TiSCH is definitely interested in getting the draft through and plans to use it for the 6T protocol.

  • the new charter and the associated tasks were presented by the chairs. The following presentation (but the very last one) are all realted to chartered items

  • A Status of draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol was given. The draft addresses a charter. The draft is more mature than the name-xx suggests because it was renamed. A call for adoption was done and yielded positve reaction, to be confirmed on the list

  • A Status of draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0 was given. The draft also addresses a charter. The draft is also more mature than the name-xx suggests, but the work has evolved more considerably and is not yet stable. A call for adoption was done and also yielded positive reaction, to be confirmed on the list

  • Michael Richardson presented a position slideware depicting the relative goals of ANIMA, NETCONF and 6TiSCH in the provisioning and bootstrapping of devices. There are common element and a good possibility to reuse/share work,yet the objectives and assumptions clearly differ. 6TiSCH is now rebooting the join process work.

  • Time permitting, we had a presentation of new work on a reactive version of RPL draft-satish-6tisch-aodv-rpl. The remote speaker being inaudible, a coauthor in the room presented. The author asked for WG adoption. The chairs indicated that though 6TiSCH could certainly be interested in using the work, ROLL at the routing area would be the place for adoption. Ines Robles came to the mike and confirmed.


Action items


  • Scribes
    • Dominique Barthel
    • Charlie Perkins
    • Keoma Brun-Laguna
  • Jabber
    • Ines Robles


  • [14.00] [expected: 14.00] Meeting starts
  • [14.00] [expected: 14.00] Intro and Status (Thomas Watteyne) [5min]
    • change in agenda: Tero will present IEs
    • see draft-kivinen-802-15-ie-00.txt
  • [14.03] [expected: 14.05] (Tero Kivinen) [5min]
    • 16 IE codes available, IETF can get one, to share between WGs.
    • subtypes to be allocated by IANA.
    • Tero requests for comments, on 6lo or 6TiSCH mailing list.
    • Q&A: Tero suggest one framework on how IETF uses its assigned code. Will chase AD's to find a sponsor for this draft.
    • Action item: Chairs to coordinate about AD sponsoring
  • [14.07] [expected: 14.10] New charter and status docs (Pascal Thubert) [20min]
    • -minimal draft: answered all INT AREA comments. Expect feedback fron INT DIR.
    • 6lo routing header split into one draft at 6lo and one at ROLL. Both now in last call.
    • Gabriel asking for feedback about 6lo-dispatch
    • Hop by Hop at 6man: 6man considering preventing any new use of HbH
    • 6TiSCH WG has rechartered. Thanks Brian!
    • Current work items 6P, SF0, secure bootstrap, updating architecture doc, requirements to Detnet. YANG data model differed.
    • Plugtest in Berlin [very important], if you have an implementation, please join.
    • need to really get momentum on the security aspect.
  • [14.16] [expected: 14.30] ETSI 6TiSCH #2 and #3 Plugtests (Miguel Angel Reina Ortega, presented by Thomas Watteyne) [5min]
    • overview of past event in Paris. 12 companies. 14 test cases. Main point was 6top protocol and 6lo RH.
    • did not test SF0, considered was not mature enough for interop.
    • next event in Berlin, scope not completely defined. Probably SF0 and BB routing (although not on the slide)
    • Check actual dates: July 16-17?.
  • [14.21] [expected: 14.35] draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol-00 (Xavier Vilajosana) [15min]
    • renaming of -sublayer draft
    • renamed some fields, added 3-way transaction
    • 6top sits between 15.4e and next upper layer
    • intended use is for 6top to run a different slot frame from -minimal, concurrently.
    • in 3-step mode, requester only requests number of cells, and receiver suggests list of cells.
    • Thomas: this draft needs update to take into account new proposed management of IEs at IETF.
    • see draft-kivinen-802-15-ie-00.txt
    • metadata for extra info to be exchanged between SF, unknown to 6top
    • 3rd step is called Confirmation, same format as response
    • draft has guidelines for SF designers. ANy SF has to specify which statistics 6top should gather for the SF to be able to make its decisions
    • Slide about "IEEE Liaison Considerations" will need changes in view of new draft from Tero Kivinen re: IEs
    • Thomas: this is -00 but actually renaming of a quite mature -sublayer draft. Will do preliminary call for adoption after next presentation.
    • Q&A: [no questions]
  • [14.35] [expected: 14.50] draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0-01 (Diego Dujovne) [15min]

    • no longer supposes that application explicitely requests bandwidth.
    • Blacklist also possible in addition to white list of cells.
    • Bandwidth Estimation algorithm: do a little over-provisioning because guessing from observed traffic.
    • Relocation request
    • Allocation policy translate bandwidth allocation into cells (taking into account each cell's PDR).
    • CellList / WhiteList
    • TODO:

    • Timestamp

    • Metadata

    • node behaviour at boot. Extra cells for speeding up the boot process, to be removed later on.

  • Q&A: * Xavi on Jabber: will the draft provide recommended value for threshold? DIego: not at this point. Thomas on jabber: I believe we should have recommended values in there, to insure interoperability, although it might not satisfy everything, RFC6550 includes RECOMMENDED values * Pascal: over-provisioning. For each child or for all children? Diego: will think about it. * Thomas 256 values for SF ids. SF0 is expected to be the simplest one.

  • [14.46] [expected: 15.05] call for WG adoption (Chairs) [5min]
    • 6top and SF0 are companion drafts. Been worked on for months, just recently appeared on the charter.
    • Pascal: (6top) anybody opposes WG adoption for 6top adoption? Raise hand if you thinks it time to approve (15 hands). Any opposition? none same questions regarding SF0: Approve? ~7 hands. Opposed? none.[to be confirmed on the mailing list]
  • [14.49] [expected: 15.10] status security (Michael Richardson) [10min]

    • From the 6tisch point of view non have changed
    • JCE changed named to ANIMA register
    • assumes manufacturer installed certificate
    • A lot of the work have changed to Wordking Group ??
    • ANIMA and 6TiSCH contrasts:

      • ANIMA use HTTPS while 6T prefers DTLS/CoAP + 6top
    • ANIMA is not really constrained compared to 6TiSCH

    • ANIMA and NETCONF contrasts

    • 6TiSCH vs NETCONF:
      • both use YANG
      • ...
    • Join Problem:
      • new, potentially malicious, nodes dropped in the network without breaking everything.
    • How to tunnel traffic from new node to registrar through Join Assistant Discussed at length in ANIMA. see draft-richardson-anima-state-for-joinrouter-00
    • Q&A:
    • Thomas: when can we start using stuff from ANIMA?
    • Michael: June.
    • Pascal: reform Design Team?
    • Michael: first have running code and see what happens. We have written enough documents.
  • [15.05] [expected: 15.20] draft-satish-6tisch-aodv-rpl-00 (Satish Anamalamudi) [10min] Presented by Mingui Zhang on Satish'es behalf

    • Two routes instances for route discovery
    • extends RPL. One instance for Route Discovery from Source do Dest, another one for the reverse direction.
    • new "A" flag in DIO to tell if link is asymmetrical.
    • if all links symmetrical, destination will receive DIO with A flag reset: instance 2 will use the same links as Instance1. If any link is asymmetrical, destination will receive DIO with A=1. Destination will multicast Instance2 message.
    • no address vector in response message, bandwidth saving.
    • Q&A:

      • Pascal: 6TiSCH is INT area WG. This should be presented at ROLL for potential adoption. 6TiSCH can use it later.

      • Pascal: this is evolution of P2P-RPL (experimental track). This is standards track. Can you summarize changes, improvements? Charlie Perkins: standards track: we want to have implementations, P2P experimental has been out for some time, people understand it now.

      • Satish: we avoid address vector completely.

      • Ines: come to ROLL meeting Tuesday 4:20pm, we have an open floor slot at the end of the meeting, you can squeeze in and briefly mention your work.

      • Thomas: You addressed a lot asymmetric links, what exactly defines an asymetrical link, is it the path or the cells. => resource level asymetry

      • Pascal: now confused. Allocation of resource is after path has been established.

      • [15.22] [expected: 15.30] Any Other Business (Chairs)
        • Pascal expresses thanks to those who helped get the IE discussion done. Pat Kinney, Tero, Charlie, ..
      • [15.23] [expected: 15.30] Meeting ends