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meetings / 160512_webex_sec

The Etherpad disappeared after the call. I didn't make a copy, so I'm writing this from memory. This is VERY minimal, please ping me if I forgot something. - Thomas Watteyne, 12 May 2016


  1. Michael Richardson
  2. Tero Kivinen
  3. Giuseppe Piro
  4. Tengfei Chang
  5. Malisa Vucinic
  6. Thomas Watteyne
  7. Goran Selander
  8. Francisca Palombini
  9. Ludwig Seitz
  10. Savio Sciancalepore

Action items

  • Thomas to send an e-mail to the 6TiSCH-sec ML to indicate beginning and end state of the solution


  • Michael initiates round-table
  • Michael invites those not on the sec-ML but in the call to contact him to be added on the ML
  • Goran presents slides about OSCOAP
  • discussion about whether we use certs, raw public key or PSK