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## DRAFT ##

Minutes, 28 October 2016 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Connection details

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Xavier Vilajosana
  2. Pascal Thubert

Present (alphabetically)

  1. Alga
  2. Diego Dujovne
  3. Georgios Z. Papadopoulos
  4. Goran Selander
  5. Ismail Hakki Turan
  6. Jenny Manch
  7. Jonathan Munoz
  8. Kelly Ford
  9. Malisa Vucinic
  10. Pascal Thubert
  11. Qin Wang
  12. Maria Rita Palatella
  13. Michael Richardson
  14. S.V.R. Anand
  15. Tengfei Chang
  16. Thomas Watteyne
  17. Xavi Vilajosana

Last_time (alphabetically)

  1. Dominique Barthel
  2. Georgios Z. Papadopoulos
  3. Geraldine Texier
  4. Malisa Vucinic
  5. Michael Richardson
  6. Nichole McNiele
  7. Pascal Thubert
  8. Pat Kinney
  9. Qin Wang
  10. S.V.R. Anand
  11. Sumankumar Panchal
  12. Tengfei Chang
  13. Thomas Watteyne
  14. Xavi Vilajosana

Action Items

  1. poipoi


  • Administrivia [2min]
    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol-03 [authors] [10min]
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-sf0-02 [authors] [10min]
  • draft-vucinic-6tisch-minimal-security-00 [authors] [10min]
  • draft-richardson-6tisch-dtsecurity-secure-join-01 [authors] [10min]
  • getting organized for IETF97 [chairs] [10min]
  • AOB [2min]


  • Usual BCP 38 intro by Thomas
  • [07.05] Administrivia [2min]

    • Approval agenda
    • Approval minutes last call

    • Appro

    • [07.??] news from ROLL and 6lo
    • two draft about how to compress RPL artifacts in packet
    • lots of activities, going through the last step (IANA)
    • will be published soon
    • at the IETF, the backbone draft is split in 6775 update and new text
    • insist that we are lacking support on draft-sarikaya-6lo-ap-nd-04. please think about it, introduces important security features to 6LoWPAN ND
  • [07.??] draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol-03 [authors] [10min]

    • Thomas shows the 2 major changes on 6top protocol on screen:
      • type field added. Differentiates response vs. confirmation; there was a chance for a same seq nmuber to have a confusion
      • cell option field added to a number of 6P commands; a node A can ask node B to add a cell indicating the type , Tx, Rx or shared
      • also a few minor things. Questions? none.
      • Pascal: Scheduled for last call at IETF?
      • Thomas: Could be but we'd rather keep it and submit with SF0 in case a dependency shows up
  • [07.??] draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-sf0-02 [authors] [10min]

    • Diego: working on tickets, active discussion. Please use ML or issue tracker to address issues
      • Removed acronyms, simplified the flows
      • rework on the introduction
      • adapted the policy figure, ask for feedback
    • Thomas: do we want more cells than required for buffer
    • Diego: we used to but that created 2 thresholds
    • Thomas: Why 2?
    • Diego on timeout calculation
      • there was a contradiction on MUST vs. MAY on the calculation.
    • Thomas: SF has full visibility and might be aggressive or not on time outs, e.g. short if high throughput is required
    • Diego: start and stop
    • Thomas: are you arguing to put the timeout in the 6top protocol draft?
    • Diego: yes, alt is to have a very long wait time in case of loss. If we are too conservative we'll miss transactions.
    • Pascal: suggestion to get a confirmation from the MAC when hte message is acknowledged, on max attempts is reached.
    • Thomas: so we start the timer only if succesful xmit/ack
    • Pascal: exactly. Doable?
    • Thomas: Yes; note that the time to transmit may be different in both directions, e.g. if different number of cells.
    • Pascal: running out of time
    • Diego: going rapidly through other. No more use of bandwidth, all in cells now
    • Tengfei: Issue on timer; Pascal's proposal does not solve fully the problem.
    • Thomas: true, let's use the mailing list
  • Pascal introduces Malisa's work. Chairs want 2 drafts, one very simple and the more complex DT work.

  • [07.??] draft-vucinic-6tisch-minimal-security-00 [authors] [10min]

    • Malisa: this is the very simple version. Same basic model with JN, JA and JCE.
      • expect PSK, short address optional
      • minimize number of exchanges. 1 round trip with PSK
      • very low foot print. no protocol used only for joining
      • confidentiality using end to end CCM
      • ND: only link local
      • handshake not needed for PSK
      • then the 1 round trip join using key exchanged in the handshake
      • JN coap client, JCE coap server, JA coap proxy => could not use dtls
      • using OSCOAP+COSE
  • [07.??] draft-richardson-6tisch-dtsecurity-secure-join-01 [authors] [10min]

    • Michael: rarity of broadcast lead to the RA in IE in EB
    • Discussion: do we want a general mechanims or only RA options we care about?
    • proposal is the latter, one IE per option, so we do not need 6lo
    • next meeting Nov 8th, more exchange with Malisa to find common things that can be more consistent
  • [07.??] getting organized for IETF97 [chairs] [10min]

    • only one remote presentation by Diego Dujovne
  • [07.??] AOB [2min]

    • Cancelling meeting next week. See you at IETF97!