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Minutes, 8 September 2017 interim, 6TiSCH WG

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Connection details


  1. Dominique Barthel
  2. Jonathan Munoz
  3. Mark Nowel
  4. Michael Richardson
  5. Pascal Thubert
  6. Qin Wang
  7. Peter Van Der Stok
  8. Remy Liu
  9. Sedat Gormus
  10. Simon Duquennoy
  11. Tengfei Chang
  12. Thomas Watteyne
  13. Xavi Vilajosana

Taking notes (using Etherpad)

  1. Thomas Watteyne
  2. Xavi Vilajosana

Action Items

  • Pascal to publish the agreed milestones
  • Pascal to publish Michael's zerotouch 00 doc
  • Thomas to review the draft 6P
  • Xavi to publish (may delay to include the relocation discussion)
  • Thomas to propose a new meeting next week (Friday same time?) to discuss further RPL lossless.


  • Administrivia [10min]
    • Agenda bashing
    • Approval minutes from last meeting
    • Addressing todo's from last time
    • IETF 99 summary
  • draft-ietf-6tisch-dtsecurity-zerotouch-join (Michael) [10min]
    • Agree on reshaping and renaming
  • draft-vanderstok-core-coap-est (Peter, Michael) [15min]
    • Need and applicability for 6TiSCH
  • 6P finalization (Thomas, Qin) [15min]
    • Issues discussed at IETF 99
    • Prepare for WGLC
  • SF0 finalization (Diego) [ 5min]
  • RPL+6TiSCH (Thomas) [10min]
  • Local Repair without desync
  • AOB


  • [16:05] Meeting starts

  • [16:05] Administrivia [10min]

    • Agenda bashing
      • some changes as Diego is not present and won't present SF.
      • Instead TW proposes to talk about reliable RPL.
      • At the end Tengfei wants to show some demo
    • Approval minutes from last meeting
      • Last meeting minutes are approved. Agenda is approved.
    • Addressing todo's from last time
      • publish v8 of 6P.
      • publish sfx instead of sf0
      • starting a draft in ROLL about the join preference. Decision to select a join proxy may depend on the rank of RPL. Discussion about that.
      • Peter is worried about the number of draft at ROLL that are needed around this topic.
    • WG Milestones update.
      • Need to change some of them
      • no millestones in the security work
      • push SFx and 6P to smthing more reasonable
      • Push 6P and SFx next month for last call.
      • Minimal security to be pushed early next year.
      • July 2018 zero touch security work. Michael Richardson thinks is doable for that date.
      • to have ideas about rechartering.
    • IETF 99 summary
  • [16:18] draft-ietf-6tisch-dtsecurity-zerotouch-join

    • produced first version of the secure join mechanism.
    • minimal security is a very minimal version
      • depends on OSCOAP.
      • can progress with the progress of OSCOAP.
      • may depend on EDHOC as well
    • minimal rekey - waiting for adoption call. -> worries about network that need to change the keys without rejoining.
      • EBs draft is used to enable nodes to announce or support join or either disable the functionality.
      • dtsecurity-zerotouch-join is a rename of the secure-join draft. some differences are detailed
      • meeting to discuss EDHOC at the IETF 99. The discussion pointed that EDHOC has same functionality that TLS and there is no need for EDHOC.
      • the zerotouch document is the rename of secure-join to show more focus.
      • reorganization, to be 1:1 with ANIMA BRSKI document
      • renewed EDHOC becomes optional
    • Peter V. et al. Have a Core-coap-est to map HTTP to minimal COAP
      • DTLS and EDHOC;
      • CoAP/DTLS will be an alternative to EDHOC
      • Some people is opposed to duplication of protocols so they bet for DTLS.
    • Zerotouch drafts will be published soon as v0.
    • A discussion about making DTLS optional is needed. Michael Richardson wants to see some coments about this in the ML. Michael Richardson to start a thread on this.
    • Peter: People know DTLS and made implementations of DTLS and took several years to make them work. Now vendors are reluctant to adopt new things as they are worried about the same slow and hard process.
  • [16:41] draft-vanderstok-ace-coap-est

    • already discussed before.
  • [16:41] SFx finalization

  • [16:41] 6P finalization

    • Xavi: Applied the changes discussed at IETF, not published yet.
    • @ IETF proposed a new signal command transported by 6P for SF
    • Remove generation nmuber that is redundant. Seq Num is now one bytes
    • New text that resolves inconsistencies based on time out and Sequence Number

*[16:52] RPL+6TiSCH * RPL reliability problem * the challenge is how to avoid loops and at the same time be able to support a node changing parent way down in the DAG.

  • I propose same time next week. MCR

[17:15] Demo, experiment in IOT lab. 87 nodes forming a network at the IoT Lab

  • AOB: No OB!

[17:15] Meeting ends