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VPlayer is a crossplatform music player.
It is written in Python using PyQt4 for GUI.


  • Track search, playing and downloading from
  • Automatic music caching.
  • now playing and submition support.
  • Similiar artists retrieving from and playlist population.
  • Lyrics, album covers loading.
  • Plugins support.
  • Music collection.


1. Download latest source code using Mercurial:

hg clone

or get a snapshot.

2. Compile and install:

sudo make install

3. Run:


4. Report bugs

Dependencies list

  • Python >=2.5
  • QT4
  • PyQt4 (core, gui, sql)
  • GStreamer >=0.10.22, base and good plugins, alsa output.
  • GStreamer-python 0.10.13 or pre-release and newer (0.10.14 have huge bugs)
  • Phonon
  • Qt's SQLite 3 plugin
  • Python-Xlib
  • Chardet
  • Mutagen

Plugin development

If you are interested in developing a plugin, please read "Plugin development" article for information.




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