Public repository for my HTML, CSS, and JS articles as I convert them from my older
"temporary" directory on my server. The hope is to go in to a bit more detail and
shape up the examples to be more than just a quick summary dump with expectations
of people to view source for further details. I may preserve the existing examples
for those who don't mind the brevity or want to cut right to the point.

This conversion isn't entirely altruistic. It is more probable that people will
link to my demos and examples if I spend a bit more effort on them than quick dumps
into a "temporary" folder. This will enable greater spread of the ideas revealing
more options (new solutions) for things that have already been solved or endeavours
in to things not often thought about.

This project is public to allow people to submit issues for correction in a single
location without requiring me to set up or manage a blog/comment-based system.

Some comments can be insightful, but I don't really have the time to moderate a
full-on blog as invariably the comment section will be found by spammers and people
looking for help who would be better suited to ask their questions on stackoverflow
or IRC where people have time to help them. Hence these articles are not likely to
have a comment feature any time soon.


  Article authors retain rights to the writing in the articles (the wording,
  paragraphs, etc.) and request it be cited accordingly if quoted or borrowed.
  Unless otherwise noted articles are authored by Arthur McBain.

  Rights for images are retained by authors of the articles they belong to unless
  otherwise cited within the article.

  The HTML, CSS, and JS used to present an idea or concept, except where otherwise
  noted, is CC0 / Public Domain: http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
  This means all code snippets are free to be borrowed, used, modified, etc.
  (Links back to the appropriate article are appreciated, however.)

  SHJS is used unmodified for syntax highlighting within articles and is licensed
  under GPLv3: http://shjs.sourceforge.net/