Board game organizers and other related designs

All files in this repository when allowed, are licensed under the CC-BY-NC-SA
4.0 license. Please see the license file for details.

These designs are accessories designed by Destructor Fleet Designs. As many are
designed to fit inside of or work with board games they may reference the names
of those. Such names are still owned by their respective owners and usage here
does not imply affiliation with or endorsement of Destructor Fleet Designs.

You can use these files to create your own copies or versions for personal use
but may not sell them. You may find it more convenient to buy a pre-cut copy
from myself at when available.

These designs are intended to be made from "3mm" plywood except where otherwise
indicated. Other materials may have different tolerances causing a different fit
or may not work at all if thicker than 1/8". Most plywood sold as such comes in
the range of 2.8 to 3.5mm thick.

If you have questions about any of these designs feel free to contact me through

Unsupported designs

  Not really original. Riffed a bit much on other existing designs. I replaced
  it with a scaled up tweaked Nano tower, dubbed the Macro tower, that I did not
  release here. I still support the Nano tower. (nano-tower.svg)

  Succeeded by the drawer-less multi-box design which should hold up better to
  the rigors of use than this single wall design with a drawer. The multi-box
  also has support for dividers and is easier to expand to make larger versions
  to hold more cards.



X - major structural changes; largely incompatible with previous iterations
Y - self-contained structural changes, such as to removable parts boxes
Z - changes to engraved parts or bits not otherwise affecting interoperability

Most things will likely be 1.0.0 because once I've finished and released the
first working iteration there's no incentive (usually) to make any more changes
to something that works just fine.

To find the version number, just open any of the .svg files in a text editor and
it will be in the first comment block very near the top.