The CSS and images contained within this repository are themes for the Demovibes
internet radio platform ( ).

They are kept reasonably up to date for changes deployed to Nectarine
( ) and CVGM
( ). The file prefix "nectarine-" or "cvgm-"
indicate they were tailored to suit that particular site.

These themes are all in the same folder (which makes it harder to check out just
one) because some are merely minor changes to another theme and use @import to
avoid having to write all the same parts over again. They also may share images
from the included directory.

Some themes require images not included in this repository by Yusuke Kamiyamane
( ) from the Fugue icon set. They are free to use
with attribution or a license (as I have done) can be purchased. At time of
writing, the only theme to use any such icons is Edelweiss. If used, place the
contents of the "icons-shadowless" directory inside a directory named "fugue" in
the same location as the CSS file.

    The themes contained within this repository are Public Domain or, where such
    a concept is not legally recognized, everyone is automatically granted
    rights to distribute, use, or modify the themes by the author,
    Art McBain ( ).

    The themes in the mirror directory are not by Art McBain, but the authors
    are listed at the top of the stylesheet. They are, however, still under
    the same license as above.

    This repository includes some icons by the FamFamFam
    ( ) licensed under the
    Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

    There is only one font in this repository, M+, and it is free to use with
    minimal restrictions. Please see the included license file in the fonts
    directory of this repository. It has been run through Font Squirrel to
    obtain the necessary variations required across browsers.