Couldn't think of a better name, so I went with descriptive.

More than once I have wanted to see what songs on an album are like before I commit
to downloading the entire album. This feature is available already on the Kahvi
site through the FMP3 link on an album's release page but I only found out about it
while starting in on this app. I decided to take the app to relative completion
anyway for the fun of it.

It was intended for this app to fetch an album's archive from Kavhi Collective on
the fly and keep up to date via their RSS feed, but these features have been tabled
due to their site already having a preview feature. See issues #7 and #8 for
further details on those features.

This player is based on the HTML5 audio tag. Were the auto-pulling features
implemented it would favor the MP3 audio format over Ogg (the only formats provided
by Kahvi) if a given album was released in both formats. Due to this it is possible
an album will not be playable in certain browsers due to lack of support for the
format grabbed by the application.

Technically the core of this app is not Kahvi-only and could be repurposed for a
general player that serves up a searchable library of albums stored in ZIP files.


This project does not come with a secret key. You will have to generate one via the
"play secret" command from within the project directory. Lastly, "play deps" should
also be run from the same directory to retrieve dependencies.


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause license, a copy of which is
included with the source, with the following exceptions:

 I retain all rights to the image WP_20130706_004+.jpg which is used for the page
 background. All publicly available sites using this project need to find their own
 background image to use instead.

 The text and information stored in the initial-data.yml config file belongs to
 Kavhi Collective.

 The font file included is a subset of FontAwesome, and its license is listed in
 the main LICENSE file.

Other libraries used by this project but included in this repository have their
licenses listed in the LICENSE file. With the exception of those items listed above
they are compatible with the overall project license.