A simple Play 1.x-based live HTML, CSS, and JS pastebin based on the idea of

This project is not affiliated with Web Devout or David Hammond.

This paste application is not intended to be complex, but is intended for those
who want to put something up quickly and easily or who don't like all the bells
and whistles of the other live pastebins.

Seeing as the world already has a bunch of pastebins and doesn't need yet
another, this application is released to Public Domain. (See the license file
for the full details if you live in a country that does not directly recognize
such a concept.) HOWEVER, the images are not subject to this license. They are
CC BY 3.0: http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/ (Also listed in the license file.)

Minimum browser requirement causes:

- addEventListener
- FormData

Perceived improvements over Web Devout's pastebin:

- open source
- example template uses HTML5 doctype and UTF-8 charset meta tag
- LESS support by adding /*LESS*/ to the start of the CSS tab contents
- tabs are inserted as tabs in the textareas, not an indication to move the focus
- multiline tab and shift+tab support
- "intelligent" home support
- autosaving of pastes*
- cleaner edit page
- link back to the edit page from the raw view
- consistent layout with JavaScript disabled

Differences (detriments?):

- large HTML, CSS, or JS pastes are automatically truncated without warning
- no highlighter view above inputs with validator errors
- old pastes can be updated rather than generating a new paste with the changes*
- different tab colors
- longer paste IDs
- no fancy name

\* These go hand in hand. It was decided doing auto-updates to catch those who
  don't know they need to save the paste first before trying to share it was
  more important than implementing a fork-on-update strategy. Strategies that
  cover everything nicely don't seem to be simple so this'll have to do for now.