The Print Win32 Vector extension included with Inkscape aids Windows users in
printing directly to devices like laser cutters and other devices which expect
to get proper vectorized output.

Changes in this version:
  - Support for four more SVG styles:
    - stroke-linecap
    - stroke-linejoin
    - stroke-miterlimit
    - fill-rule
  - Support for more SVG elements:
    - <rect> with rx and ry
    - <circle>
    - <ellipse>
    - <line>
    - <polyline>
    - <polygon>
    - <text>
    - <flowRoot> (text)
  - Objects without strokes don't ask GDI to draw one so everything isn't a cut
  - Improved passing of file names to the target device
  - Epilog hang protection using a do-nothing shape when printing empty files

Future goals:
  - Support keeping the user's printer settings between prints
  - Getting this merged back into Inkscape after a lot of testing... for science

  GPLv2; see header comment