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I wanted a place to stick Selvvir so that in case I managed to screw myself I would
have an offsite backup of the source. The following is copied from the text on the
bot's public subdomain.

Selvvir is an IRC bot for the #css channel on freenode. It replaces the previous
bot, rivvles, created by Colin Aarts (aka riven or lilmonkey on freenode) which the author still
provides but chose to remove from #css.

Originally, Selvvir started as an attempt to reverse engineer rivvles (for no real
reason). Shortly after its inception, the source code powering rivvles was made
available on github as irc-js-bot:
rivvles is presumably a custom configured irc-js-bot.

Why neon green? rivvles' favorite color was hotpink. Ask Selvvir about `hotpink.