-- The Sounds of SceneSat Web Player
-- by Art McBain / AMcBain, SceneSat & from://kennewick.
-- ,

Web-based player using HTML Audio APIs to read in the same data as The Sounds of
SceneSat data for the playlist, songs, and their scroller text.

The player currently uses the file name used to launch it to find the required XML
and CSS style files. Therefore launching from "engine.html" will look for a file
called "engine.xml" in the same directory and a "engine.css" in the data directory.


This player currently must be hosted (accessed from a webserver) due to major
complications and inconsistencies between browsers of support for web apps running
from file:/// URLs. This includes blocking of XHR requests (Chrome, IE) and silent
audio output after putting an AnalyserNode in the line (Firefox). Firefox is the
best candidate for working from such a URL, but getting all browsers is unlikely.

Firefox does not handle seeking in to MP3s encoded with a variable bitrate
correctly. If the player is not set up with a progress indicator then this is not a
concern as the user has no way to change the playback location.