React Boilerplate

This is my preferred starting point with any new React project. I keep it pretty updated with my favorite workflow, as well as a few example components for reference.


Clone the repo into your local machine. Then run npm install.

Local Development

Now start the project with:

yarn start

You should now be able to visit http://localhost:8080 to see the app running with the example components. Each change to the JS will automatically be recompiled.

Running Tests

To run unit tests only (without linting), run the following:

yarn test:run

To run a full test, including linting, run:

yarn test

To run tests with coverage:

yarn test:coverage


You can run lint tests with:

yarn lint

Compiling for Production

To compile your project for use on a production site, run the following:

yarn build:prod

This will compile and minify your project, then place the files into the /dist folder within your project's root directory.