Loading Save While In Psyche-Locks Preserves Psyche-Locks

Issue #129 resolved
created an issue

If you load a save while psyche-locks are visible, the loaded game will also have those psyche-locks visible.

The case of loading a save with visible psyche-locks while a different set of psyche-locks are visible has not been tested.

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  1. Enthalpy reporter

    An almost certainly identical issue - evidence displayed on-screen doesn't vanish when loading a save that has no evidence. Initial investigation shows the top_screen_save is fine, so it's probably something wonky with the state setter.

    A more thorough investigation tomorrow will focus on finding the exact scope of this bug.

  2. Enthalpy reporter

    Scope determined. In addition to affecting psyche-locks, evidence on-screen is not cleared, and the screen position is not set accurately, potentially leading to black screens in courtrooms. All issues have been solved on my fork, and a fix is forthcoming.

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