Mirrored Sprites Reset to Non-Mirrored After Scroll

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Set up a court room with three characters; one on the left, one in the middle, one on the right.
  • Set the "Apply mirror effect" flag for either of the characters.
  • If you start on the mirrored character: Scroll away from them, then back to them.
  • If you start on someone else: Scroll to them.
  • They will no longer be mirrored.

Test trial: http://aceattorney.sparklin.org/player.php?trial_id=90281

Unless this is intended behavior and you're intended to set the flag again for every new frame? It's true that the "Apply mirror effect" flag actually does disappear in every frame following the one that places the character, so technically, there's nothing wrong with how the player behaves; but this seems rather unintuitive to me. Say you find some nice OC defense attorney sprites in the Art section, but would like to use them as a prosecutor for your case. You notice that the editor provides a method for mirroring your character, so you import the sprites as-is and intend to use that function to mirror the attorney for use as a prosecutor. However, in this scenario, you would have to open the Screen Editor in every frame and re-set the flag. I don't see any reason that speaks against keeping the flag for every subsequent frame once it is set until it is manually un-set. Also, this only happens if you move focus away from that character; if you just keep the camera on them, they will stay mirrored as they should, which leads me to believe this might be a bug after all.

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