Make "Hide previously shown characters" the default option when selecting a new speaking character in places that are 256px wide

Issue #166 resolved
created an issue

I feel like the "Hide previously shown characters" checkbox should be checked by default when selecting a new speaking character (with a sprite - not if the name box dropdown is used) in places with backgrounds that do not extend beyond the standard viewport width.

Currently, the player doesn't offer a lot of AAI-functionality anyway, which would be one of the biggest arguments to keep things the way they are right now (to make for easy AAI-style scene editing) - but, as it is, it just gets in the way while creating investigations or courtroom lobby conversations, as the layering of characters over each other can get very tedious to fix if you realize too late you forgot to check that checkbox every single time you selected a new speaking character.

In scenes that are wider than the standard viewport - courtrooms, for instance - keeping the current functionality is obviously the better choice.

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