Issue #172 resolved
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This trial exhibits a glitch where the life bar will exceeds its maximum width. For example, jump to frame 839 and proceed three frames. The lifebar div will be set to have 120 units of green and 10 units of red.

Efforts to create a least reproduction of the bug have been failed. The first objective for investigation should be to get more precise reproduction steps posted here.

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  1. Enthalpy reporter

    Additional testing has shown that in the unconverted trial data, the life bar is set to flash -10 units. The format is v5, but v5 prohibits negative values for the life bar flash. This error was presumably allowed in an earlier version of the editor (maybe even before v5) and not caught upon conversion.

    Fixing this upon action conversion seems the most sensible solution to me. Bad trial data needs to be corrected, and having the converters do the correcting for us seems the best way to make sure it gets done.

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