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It is proposed that the editor naturally support graphic fades.

Editor implementation needs to be discussed, as do the degrees of freedom the player will have. Will we allow custom objects to fade to/from, or just to/from black? Will we allow customization of the fade timing?

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  1. Kwando

    If we do do custom fades, I think doing it as an svg would be best. Customization of color/duration would be nice to have, because... What's the point of it otherwise, if it's only a fade to black for a pre-determined time? If we were to only do that, it'd be easier to just host the fade itself, and add it as a custom foreground object and whatnot...

    Which, of course, I'm supposing is not the case.

  2. ThePaSch

    I'm interested in implementing this feature, though I'm not quite sure yet what would be expected/desired from it.

    The way to do this would probably be to implement it as an action that is designated per frame. There could be a color picker to set the color that is faded to/from, as well as a value-checked text box to set a time in ms for how long the fade should last. The question is, do we also add an action that simply overlays the top screen with a solid color (without any fades), or do we expect users to provide their own custom graphics for if they'd like the fade to persist throughout multiple frames (i.e. fade to white, keep screen white for 3 frames, fade from white)? Do we add an option to only fade the background and keep characters visible?

    Before I start work on this, I'd like to make sure everyone's on the same page as to what this feature should do and how it should work.

  3. Enthalpy reporter

    When you say "action," do you mean an option in the action menu, like "End the game," or do you mean something you can click in the screen editor, like "Erase previous characters"?

    For this feature, I want to be able to set fades in and outs to/from custom colors for custom times.

    Would it make sense to make these fades popups? I want to avoid cluttering the screen editor with extra fields, and putting all the screen fades in popups would avoid the problem. In this case, the problem would be getting the new interface in popups worked out.

  4. ThePaSch

    By action, I meant a frame action that is selected from the actions dropdown, yeah. That struck me as the simplest way to pull it off. Putting it into the screen editor would obviously make sense as it's quite literally something that concerns the top screen, but I'm not sure where exactly to put it; I'm hesitant to put it into popups, since I'd like to support fading out just the background and keep characters and foreground objects visible in order to make the classic dramatic courtroom black background scenes possible, among other potentially cool stuff.

    A frame action would seem most apt for that functionality, and there wouldn't be the worry of designing a full new interface. One might argue that there's not really a fitting category for an action like this, but I was actually looking to implement stuff like grayscaling, inverted coloring and blurring as well later down the line, so a category like "Manipulate the Top Screen" could be a good fit for all of those things.

  5. Enthalpy reporter

    I was planning on doing greyscale as my next commit, but you're welcome to take it if you want it! Just add "sepia" to the list of effects to support.

    Fading out the entire screen, just the background, a specific character (I'll add that one)... Is there anything else you want able to fade? I'll tentatively assume the scope of greyscale/sepia/blur/inversion would be the same as for fades, though that may change later.

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