This program is a level editor for the game Swarm. Swarm was being developed by Jim Crawford. The primary impetus behind the editor was that the levels, bitmap in nature, are too large to be edited in a bitmap editor such as Photoshop (a single level may be easily be 600 megabytes uncompressed). Thus, the editor presents what appears to be a single, huge, layered image but which is actually being streamed from thousands of smaller images in a sparse matrix. The smaller images themselves are stored using a virtual filesystem which resides inside a single file, because having 20,000 files comprise a single level is just plain unprofessional, and an awful waste of space, too, when you take cluster size into account. In addition, the level is drawn at 16x normal size and scaled down for the actual game. This provides a nice antialiased look to the artwork. The editor allows zooming out up to 1/256th the actual size, because the levels can get really big. The editor also includes object and polygon editors and a pretty spiffy UI. The code itself is pretty messy, though, as it's a work in progress and was put together fairly hastily.