Text mate syntax highlighting

I only test these packages on Sublime Text 3.

Although there's no license on them, please let me know if you use / modify these packages.


For convenience the repo includes the unreadable .tmLanguage files so that the AAAPackageDev package is not needed for installation.

Just copy these files to

<sublime text path>/Packages/User/.


To modify the packages first retrieve the AAAPackageDev package. Follow the installation procedure, and open the file in

<sublime text path>/Packages/User/

that you want to edit. Edit it, and run Build With: Convert to... either using the fuzzy search menu ("Ctr+shift+p" or "command+shift+p") or by clicking on Tools, Build With... and then Convert to ....

In general you should not need to restart Sublime Text, but sometimes when the build fails it's necessary.