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v1.3 (in development)

- Backend now supports returning the ID from an insert without needing an additional query. This is disabled
  for SQL Server 2000 (assuming that version still works with this backend). :issue:`17`
- Subqueries will have their ordering removed because SQL Server only supports it when using TOP or FOR XML. 
  This relies upon the ``with_col_aliases`` argument to ``SQLCompiler.as_sql`` only being ``True`` when the query 
  is a subquery, which is currently the case for all usages in Django 1.5 master. :issue:`18`
- UPDATE statements will now return the number of rows affected, instead of -1. :issue:`19`
- Apply fix for :djangoticket:`12192`. If QuerySet slicing would result in ``LIMIT 0``, then it shouldn't reach
  the database because there will be no response.
- Implemented DatabaseOperation ``cache_key_culling_sql``. :djangoticket:`18330`


- Ensure master connection connects to the correct database name when TEST_NAME is not defined.
- Connection.close() will now reset adoConn to make sure it's gone before the CoUninitialize.
- Changed provider default from 'SQLOLEDB' to 'SQLNCLI10' with MARS enabled.
- Added :ref:`rawstoredproceduremanager`, which provides ``raw_callproc`` that works the same as ``raw``, except
  expects the name of a stored procedure that returns a result set that matches the model.
- Documented known issue with database introspection with ``DEBUG = True`` and column names containing '%'.
  See :ref:`introspecting-percent-columns`.
- Fixed error with `iendswith` string format operator.


- Updated SQLInsertCompiler to work with Django 1.4
- Added support for ``disable_constraint_checking``, which is required for ``loaddata`` to work properly.
- Implemented ``DatabaseOperations.date_interval_sql`` to allow using expressions like ``end__lte=F('start')+delta``.
- Fixed date part extraction for ``week_day``.
- DatabaseWrapper reports vendor as 'microsoft'.
- AVG function now matches core backend behaviors and will auto-cast to ``float``, instead of maintaining datatype. 
  Set database ``OPTIONS`` setting ``disable_avg_cast`` to turn off the auto-cast behavior.
- StdDev and Variance aggregate functions are now supported and will map to the proper MSSQL named functions. Includes work around for :djangoticket:`18334`.
- Monkey patched ``django.db.backends.util.CursorWrapper`` to allow using cursors as ContextManagers in Python 2.7. :djangoticket:`17671`.