adamv avatar adamv committed d8e2dd2

Tweak dbsettings to not create an additional test database; remove null Boolean field test since models now validate that Boolean fields can't be Null.

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 DATABASE_NAME = r'django_test_backend'
+# Don't create a test database; use use the name above.
 # Use integrated auth.


 class TableNullDate(BaseModel):
     val = models.DateField(null=True)
-class TableNullBoolean(BaseModel):
-    val = models.BooleanField(null=True)
 class TableNullNullBoolean(BaseModel):
     val = models.NullBooleanField(null=True)
     def testBoolean(self):
         self._run(TableNullNullBoolean, (None, True, False))
-    def testNullBoolean(self):
-        self._run(TableNullBoolean, (None, True, False))
     def testFloat(self):
         self._run(TableNullFloat, (None, 34.3))
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