django-sphinxdoc / CHANGES.txt

Changelog for django-sphinxdoc

v1.1 – 2012-04-19:

- [NEW] Support static and download files.
- [NEW] Additional context to search view so that project information is
  available in the template.
- [CHANGE] Updated some `templates
- [FIX] Fixed a bug with the updatedoc command and ``~`` in paths.
- [FIX] Include all module index files.
- [FIX] Improved indexing behaviour
- [FIX] Improved behaviour when building the docs.

v1.0.0 – 2010-09-11:

- [NEW] Documentation can be searched via Haystack. The new management command
  ``updatedoc`` imports the JSON files into the database and updates Haystack’s
  search index.
- [CHANGE] Renamed ``App`` to ``Project``.

v0.3.2 – 2010-03-14:

- [FIX] Fixed a bug in ````.

v0.3.1 – 2010-03-11:

- [CHANGE] Repackaging

v0.3 – 2010-01-06:

- [NEW] Views for images, sources and object inventory

v0.2 – 2009-12-30:

- [NEW] Documentation, general index and module index work
- [NEW] Basic documentation written

v0.1 – 2009-12-19:

- [NEW] Initial release
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