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Enh: support disabling skipping.

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     pattern = path:.idea path:nbproject path:.project path:.settings glob:*.iml
+### options
+You can pass the `--everything` flag to prevent the extension from applying its
+exclusion patterns.
 ### pattern syntax
 pattern syntax just follows [mercurial patterns]( - see `hg help patterns' 
 from mercurial import commands, extensions
 from mercurial.node import nullrev
+from mercurial.i18n import _
 def is_merge_commit(repo):
     parent1 = repo[None].p1()
     return (parent1.branch()) != (parent2.branch())
 def wrapped_commit(orig, ui, repo, *args, **kwargs):
-    if not args and (not is_merge_commit(repo)):
+    if not args and (not is_merge_commit(repo)) and ("everything" not in
+            kwargs):
         kwargs["exclude"].extend(ui.configlist("hgskipcommit", "pattern", []))
     return orig(ui, repo, *args, **kwargs)
 def extsetup():
-    extensions.wrapcommand(commands.table, "commit", wrapped_commit)
+    entry = extensions.wrapcommand(commands.table, "commit", wrapped_commit)
+    entry[1].extend([('', 'everything', None, _("commit everything, i.e. don't "
+        "skip"))])
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